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"leesburg-based band taking the region's music scene by storm."

-the loudoun times-mirror

  kid brother 


Kid Brother is an independent band from Northern Virginia, founded when the celestial space gods called upon Chris, Dylan, Lindsey, Sam, and Christian to go forth and create a band in the spring of the year of our lords, 2016. Focused on originality and genuine lyricism, Kid Brother fuses together elements of rock, indie, folk and blues to create a sound that truly is their own.

Guitar,Vocals / christian neonakis

Keys, Vocals / Lindsey Cook

Guitar / Dylan Savopoulos

Bass / Richard Smith

Drums / Sam Athanas




upcoming shows

4/7 Blacksburg va-----@Sudflood 28 w/ 200 east, The 5:55, and twin Peaks

4/21 Farmville va------@longwood university

5/5 Leesburg va-----@spankys w/Ashburn school of rock house band and milo in the doldrums

5/9 Washington dc-----@ Gypsy Sally's

5/26 Roanoke va-----@The phoenix 

6/1 Leesburg va-----@Tally Ho Theater w/dr. Robinsons Fiasco and bluewreck

6/24 Washington dc------@Union Stage  w/bad bad hats

7/14 Sterling va-----@Crooked Run sterling w/People blues of richmond, torrey b, and sammi lanzetta

7/25-29 Floyd Va-----@Floydfest 2018

8/18 Washington dc------@930 club w/pebble to pearl, fellowcraft, allthebestkids, black dog prowl